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This free module adds Google's reCAPTCHA to your contact form. It stops you getting automatic spam emails, and your customers only have to tick a simple box. For PrestaShop 1.6.

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(usually £10/month).

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I'll be updating the course at least once/week, often with answers to questions from course members.

Share your wins, ask your questions, and get answers. I'll reply to every post in our exclusive PrestaShop group within 48 hours, and without costing you any extra.

The courses are just starting to be recorded. Often LIVE in our group. You get full access to all material as the courses progress.

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PrestaShop 101 - Premium Training with John Thomson.

Units included:

- Day to day PrestaShop management.

- PrestaShop Marketing basics.

- More coming soon...

* How much is it?

Right now it's £12 for a year (£1/month), and I'll be publishing the first part of the course over this weekend, with new sections at least once/week.

On the 6th April it will go up to £2/month, then £3/month a week after that, and so on.

The regular price will be £10/month when the full PrestaShop 101 course is completed.

What you pay now will be your price for as long as you want access, you will always be able to renew at the price you signed up at.

* Why would I want this?

Because you use PrestaShop for your business website, or plan to use it in the future and want to learn how to:

-be more efficient, spending less time on tasks within PrestaShop,

-sell more on your shop and increase profits,

-make the most of the built in features of PrestaShop,

-extend the functionality of your shop through modules and integration with third party services.

* Who are you?

I'm an avid PrestaShop user and developer, with over 3 years of professional PS experience, and over 8 years in website hosting/development. Currently actively working with over 25 commercially successful sites for clients from the USA, UK, and across Europe.

* What will I get?

-Full access to the PrestaShop Premium Training group, and the course material as it's released (most will be recorded LIVE in the group, so you can ask questions as I go).

-A small community of active PrestaShop users to learn together with.

-Fixed price for life. What you pay now will be your price for as long as you want access. The price WILL be going up over the next few months until it hits £10/month.

-LIMITED TO THE FIRST 5 BUYERS: A free 30 minute ecommerce strategy call with myself to help in any aspect of your online shop and answer any questions you have (worth £30).

-Discounts on my PrestaShop Premium Support package if you complete the 101 course.

* Which version of PrestaShop will you be teaching about?

Initially 1.6, then I'll repeat the course in 1.7. I use the latest stable versions for my test/training sites.
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